Who To Believe ….

By August 28th, 2013

Excerpt and Fact of the Day

“We no longer know whom to believe. All reporters are deemed too drive-by. All politicians are thought to be too compromised. The Pope is too Catholic, and Obama is too black. Cantor is too right, and Pelosi is too wrong. Reid is too mumbly, and Boehner is too tan. Cronkite is too dead, and Limbaugh is too self-infatuated. The networks can’t be trusted, and Fox is too biased. The South is too conservatrive, and New England is too liberal. The Almanac’s too ancient, and Wikipedia is too unreliable. And while we’re at it, Kardashian is too everywhere …. ” Borgen, M., The Relevance of Reason – The Hard Facts and Real Data About the State of Current America – Business and Politics (2013), p. 3.

Fact of the Day

Opinion Magazines – Major Publications, Trends and Circulation.

As stated in the Pew Research Study, readership of opinion magazines is, to a substantial degree, a function of which party is in power. Conservative publications do well when Democrats are in power, and liberal publications do well when Republicans are in power. The approximate circulation of four of the largest opinion magazines are as follows:

Publication                 Peak Year(s)                       2010 Circulation                    Percentage of U.S. Adult Populaiton

National Review                1992-1996                                     200,000                                                               0.08%

The Nation                          2005-2006                                    149,000                                                                0.06%

Weekly Standard               1988-1999                                     100,000                                                                0.04%

New Republic                     1988-2000                                      52,000                                                                 0.02%

                                                                  TOTAl:                  499.000                                                          0.20.%

Borgen, M., The Relevance of Reason – Business and Politics (2013), p. 292, citing Pew Research Center Project’s for Excellence in Journalism; stateofmedia.org. 



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