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Book Award and First Book Review

Posted by Mack W. Borgen June 11th, 2018

I Am Pleased to Announce That My Latest Book, Dead Serious and Lighthearted – Volume I Has Just Received Best Book of the Year (General Nonfiction) (2nd Place) San Francisco 2018 Book Festival In Addition A Great Review From — The US Review of Books — Excerpts: “Opening this book feels like unlocking a time […]

You Are Invited – Tecolote Book Signing and KZSB Radio Interview with Mack W. Borgen

Posted by Mack W. Borgen May 22nd, 2018

You Are Invited – – – Tecolote Bookstore Mack W. Borgen Book Signing 1470 East Valley Road, Montecito 3:00-4:30PM Saturday, May 26, 2018 Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments and Join Us and Listen to Radio Interview With Mack W. Borgen about His Latest Book, Dead Serious and Lighthearted on The Dr. Elizabeth Stewart Radio Show Friday, […]

LAST 4 DAYS – Book Publishing Names/Contact Information

Posted by Mack W. Borgen May 2nd, 2018

LAST FOUR DAYS 40% OFF SALE (Free Shipping for Orders of 10 Books or More) SALE ENDS MIDNIGHT, SATURDAY, MAY 5 BUY NOW Just Go To: – – – My Third Run at the Wall – Book Publishing in America – Time and Cost Estimates – – Names and Contact Information of Publishing […]

A Case for the Elimination of Income Taxation

Posted by Mack W. Borgen April 18th, 2018

My Great Thanks To Those Who Have Already Ordered My Latest Book And Special, Special Thanks to Those Who Have Ordered Sets of 10 or More Books (Free Shipping!!) REMINDER Only 14 Days Left Special 40% Off Book Order Discount Order Your Signed Copies Now – Direct from Publisher Just Go to – Details […]

17 Days and Counting … and Some First Book Reviews!!!

Posted by Mack W. Borgen March 9th, 2018

17 Days and Counting Until March 27, 2018 Release Date — Pre-Order Now For Mack W. Borgen’s Dead Serious and Lighthearted – The Memorable Words of Modern America – Volume I – (1957-1976) Read Below the First Reviews and Testimonials Michael Levin, New York Times Bestselling Author, Boston, Massachusetts Wayne S. Bell, California Real Estate […]

Books Release Announcement

Posted by Mack W. Borgen February 28th, 2018

ANNOUNCING THE RELEASE OF MACK W. BORGEN’S NEXT SERIES OF BOOKS Dead Serious and Lighthearted – The Memorable Words of Modern America – Volume I (1957-1976) (524 pages) Volume II (1977-1993) (484 pages) Volume III (1994-2015) (618 pages) These books introduce the history of Modern America in an entirely new way — without the tired […]

Something Lighter for the Summer

Posted by Mack W. Borgen June 20th, 2017

Something a little lighter for the summer … A Humorous Listing of the 35 Most Over-Used and Tedious Words and Phrases in the Parlance of Modern America Introduction It is summer. Finally. A time for a little well-deserved vacation and relaxation. Politics and acrimony still clutter our televisions screens, but at least the 2016 Presidential […]

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Legal Newsletter 4 – Recent California Legal Developments

Posted by Mack W. Borgen May 21st, 2017

Legal Newsletter No. 4 Recent California Legal Developments Business, Contracts, and Real Property Law “The 20-Minute Legal Developments Review” The following is a summary of recent statutory enactments and judicial decisions affecting California or California-based businesses, contracts, and real property. Except in rare instances, the scope of my Newsletters is limited to transactional matters — […]

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