17 Days and Counting … and Some First Book Reviews!!!

By March 9th, 2018

17 Days and Counting
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Mack W. Borgen’s Dead Serious and Lighthearted
– The Memorable Words of Modern America – Volume I – (1957-1976)

Read Below the First Reviews and Testimonials

Michael Levin,
New York Times Bestselling Author, Boston, Massachusetts

Wayne S. Bell,
California Real Estate Commissioner, Sacramento, California

Brigadier General Dulaney O’Roark (Ret)
Louisville, Kentucky

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American history presented in an entirely new way — without the tired stories, heavy words; without the litany of “isms” and “ologies.” A presentation of the Memorable Words of our country including both the fascinating and frivolous, the tragic and momentous, the eloquent and bumbling; the touching and endearing – from Ike to Obama, from Lucy to Lady Gaga.

Who said what and when and where – exactly together with anarrative following each entry in order to place the words into their historical context and to explain the words’ initial impact and their lasting meaning.

This First Volume (1957-1976) (508 pp)

  • From American Bandstand to The Godfather, from Lucy to Rocky’s call of “Yo Adrian!”
  • From the end of the Fifties through the wildness of the Sixties;
  • From the ascendancy of the Civil Rights, feminist, and environmental movements
  • Through the tragedy of Vietnam and the disgrace of Watergate.

First Reviews and Testimonials

Michael Levin,
New York Times bestselling author, Boston, Massachusetts

This book is a “must read.” The brilliance of Mack W. Borgen’s book lies in its breadth, the clever and painstaking assemblage of our country’s Memorable Words, and from the author’s powerful, page-by-page commentary about the context, meaning, and consequences of those words of passion, eloquence, prescience, and even humor …In an age obsessed with power and money, Borgen reminds us that … it is words which are the “real currency of this country.”

Unburdened by the thick style of academia, the book is properly titled as both “dead serious” and our “lighthearted” …

Wayne S. Bell,
California Real Estate Commissioner, Sacramento, California

….A creative, new, and smart look at American history – starting in 1957 and progressing year by year – through the use of myriad notable, striking, important, and useful words. 

… Extremely wide-ranging in its scope and coverage of subjects, … Borgen’s fresh way of presenting our country’s contemporary history is absorbing …. , and the “memorable words” that fill his book are reminders of where we – as Americans – were, where we are now, and where we might be heading.

Brigadier General Dulaney O’Roark (Ret)
Louisville, Kentucky

Tired of the “same ole” attitude that teaching history just covers one damn thing after another – no rhyme or reason? If so, …Borgen has a treat in store for you!

Borgen brings a keen intellect and delightful sense of humor to his trilogy of history … A unique approach to understanding history in a way that we can see both the forest and the trees and an extraordinary collection of sources ….”

Read this book! It is that rare experience of learning something and enjoying yourself at the same time.

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March 9, 2018

By Mack W. Borgen

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