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By March 13th, 2021

March 14, 2021 

Mack W. Borgen’s New Book – The Writings of a Lifetime

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Short Excerpt 

“Many of the stories contain a degree of levity and humor. Partly, this is merely a matter of style. Partly, this is because the author believes that it is sometimes hard to learn from the thick and heavy books of philosophy, politics, and history.

There are times when the picky details of experts and the pushy words of pundits and scholars are needed.

But not always … And especially not now … Not today.”

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 Two More Reviews

“Passionate and inspirational”

Lisa Consani, Napa, California

A splendid autobiographical account of the evolution of a writer and commentary on the American condition …

In the spirit of Mark Twain and Will Rogers.

Dr. Roger Acheatel, Whitefish, Montana 

The Writings of a Lifetime 

Samples of Story/Essay Titles

 It Was Still I Early and I Was Still Young

I Knew My Day Would Come

And the Child Asked

It’s Not Where I Grew Old, But It’s Where I Grew Up

Heroic Goodness and the Power of Please

And 40 More Stories, Essays, and Poems

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