My Last 20 Short Articles and Quick Facts – Highest/Lowest Tax Burdens – By State

By April 25th, 2022

Blog No 146 
April 26, 2022
By Mack W. Borgen
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Need a Brief Pause from Tracking the Stock Market? 

Maybe Just Enjoy My Short Articles 

It has been a tough spring for all of us in the stock market – with no assured improvement yet in sight. But this will pass – just like the social and political chaos and the 132 covid variants and subvariants we’ve had to endure over the last couple of years.

Though there is much we must do. Though there are many to keep in our prayers.

It IS also important to live, laugh, and think about — and those are some of the primary objectives of my now 145 articles. 

Some of my articles are serious — recent court rulings and important real estate and business law developments.

Some articles are humorous.

Some articles focus upon America’s twisty and cantankerous social and political life.

Some articles are humble ideas about how to “Fix America.”

But the hopeful, common theme is that they be thoughtful and fun.

Quick Facts – Best Songs Lyrics and Movie Lines  

And even Fancypants Words we can toss around before closing time.

 So, enjoy. It’s another week. Tax season just passed. Spring is here. Summer is coming. And we deserve it.

Quick Facts

(The Highest and Lowest Tax Burdens – By-State)

The most meaningful way to compare the relative tax burdens in different states is to compare the aggregate amounts of individual income, property, sales and excise taxes as a percentage share of one’s total personal income. The comparative tax burdens amongst the states varies greatly  — from a high of 12.75% (New York) to a low of 5.06% (Alaska). The ten states with the highest and lowest tax burdens are as follows:

Highest Tax Burden States (Range: 9.70% – 12.75%)

  1.        New York (12.75%)
  2.        Hawaii (12.70%)
  3.        Maine (11.42%)
  4.        Vermont (11.13%)
  5.        Minnesota (10.20%
  6.        New Jersey (10.11%)
  7.        Connecticut (10.06%)
  8.        Rhode Island (9.91%)
  9.        California (9.72%)
  10.        Illinois (9.7%) income

Lowest Tax Burden States (Range:  5.06% – 7.47%)

  1.        Alaska (5.06%)
  2.        Tennessee (5.75%)
  3.        Delaware (6.22%)
  4.        Wyoming (6.32%)
  5.        New Hampshire (6.41%)
  6.        Florida (6.64%)
  7.        South Dakota (7.12%)
  8.        Montana (7.39%)
  9.       Alabama (7.41%)
  10.       Oklahoma (7.47%)
Source: CNBC citing data from a WalletHub report, April 1, 2022.


(Nos. 125 – 145) (Dec 2020 – Apr 2022) 

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New Fancypants Word of the Day

Mephitic (Adj)(Latin):  1) Offensive smelling, 2) Harmful or poisonous. Examples of uses in sentences:
Serious Example: “The man with dirty clothes and an overgrown, unruly beard was responsible for the mephitic air on the plane.” 
More Humorous Example: “That stack of dirty clothes in the corner of the room has already become mephitic, and if enough time passes, it could become dangerously mephitic.”



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