My Induction into Who’s Who in America – Next Year’s Edition

By May 1st, 2023

Blog No. 165
May 2, 2023

 By Mack W. Borgen

University of California at Berkeley (Honors, Economics); Harvard Law School; Attorney, and National Award-Winning Author.

It is my honor to announce that I have been selected for inclusion in 

Who’s Who in America

First published in 1898, Who’s Who in America has been published for 125 years, and with deeply appreciated thanks, I will be included in next year’s edition. 

This invitation came as a complete surprise to me.

The final selection process, how they selected me, or the identities of the person or persons who nominated me are not disclosed. In a lengthy multi-hour interview about everything in my life — UC Berkeley, Harvard Law, my teaching at Rutgers University and the University of Virginia, the Army years and the year I spent writing in a small village in Spain, my legal career and the years in Montana, my writings and my wife and son, and on and on. Then, after their multiple verifications, I received notification last week that I have been selected for inclusion starting with next year’s 125th Commemorative Edition.

To whomever nominated me, thank you. I am humbled, honored, and very appreciative — and, as always, thanks to my friends and readers.   

On a deeply personal note, it appears that my books, newsletters, and 160+ blog articles may be starting to make some small constructive contribution to America’s conversation.

(Sample, Who’s Who in America (2019 Edition))


Note: Although Who’s Who is most famous for its annual print publication such as the sample above, it also, of course, now offers extensive online resources as well.

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