A Different Kind of Article – Sometimes We Have to Laugh – The World’s Funniest Word

By September 26th, 2022

Blog No 154

September 27, 2022

By Mack W. Borgen
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NORMALLY, my articles present major legal developments or commentary about the social and economic issues facing our country.

 But sometimes, We just need a break.

 We just need to laugh.

Thus, today:

 “The world funniest word”

Compliments of Shawna S. Borgen Who First Showed Me the Word.

So, what is the word?

Technically, it is an under-used adjective meaning “extremely tasty, delicious, or very attractive”

 But also — It is a type of flower — a peony.

It is routinely sold at nurseries. 

 It is a pretty flower — actually, an o.k. flower.

But its glory is in its name:

               The Scrumdiddlyumptious Peony                   

 If you can repeat this word

– “scrumdiddlyumptious” –

Three times without smiling, Then, give me a call.

Both your next therapy session and dinner are on me 


Some Fine Honorable Mentions

Lickety-split (ASAP)

Ramshackle (Something that is about to fall apart)

Pusillanimous (Showing lack of courage)

Doohickey (Small object or gadget for which one has forgotten its name)

Gobbledygook (Meaningless talk or language)

Skedaddle (To run away)

Scalawag (A rascal)

Hullabaloo (Talking about a commotion)

Whippersnapper (Young, overly-confident person)

Lollygag (When a person is messing around)

Cattywampus (Catty-corner from something)

And, of course, the perennial

Fuddy-duddy (Super, old-fashioned person)

 But Pound-for-Pound, Letter-for-Letter, and Syllable-for-Syllable,

 I respectfully suggest,

Scrum-did-dly-ump-tious wins.

 For now, my friends

Enjoy the rest of September,

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