American Ranking in “Best Place to Be Born” List

By November 5th, 2013

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The Hard Facts and Real Data About the State of Current America

by Mack W. Borgen



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The first two books (The Relevance of Reason – Volume 1 (Facts and Data About U.S. Business and Politics) Volume 2 (Facts and Data About U.S. Society and Culture) are the first two books of a seven-part series entitled The Chance of a Lifetime. It is planned (in other words, god- and patience-willing), that the remainder of the books will be published over the next several years.

Although these book are part of a series, each of them stands on its own. They can be read separate and apart from one another depending upon one’s interests. by itself. While the first two books seek to objectively and interestingly present the hard facts and real data about the state of Current America, Book Three, Dead Series and Light-Hearted, introduces in more detail the multiple objectives of these books, the nature and importance of the national community, and the painful necessity for patience. Because we live in an age of deep cynicism and cluttered (if not conflicting) agendas, my personal background and the motivations behind these books are also here presented. Then, a more objective and accurate view of ourselves and of the American condition is presented in Book Four – Grading on the Curve. The “grading” is done from both a vertical or chronological perspective by comparing the current American condition to that of our more recent past (i.e. Modern America, from 1957 until the present) and a horizontal perspective whereby selected aspects of the American condition are compared with parallel aspects of other advanced, technologically-advanced and developed nations.

The next book, Book Five, addresses the tricky subject of optimism, or, more precisely, whether or not there is exists a reasonable basis for optimism that America can continue to grow, improve, and even excel. As revealed by the title, A Reasoned Case for Optimism, the book concludes that there are numerous supportable bases for holding, indeed promoting optimism, despite the cloudy-weather predictions both of America’s detractors and American declinists.

Book Six, No Dog in the Fight – The Ten Changes Necessary for the Remaking of American Life, I humbly present ten specific changes which we, as individuals, must make in order to patiently achieve the promise of American life.

The final book, The Brilliance of Many – 1,000 Ideas for Improving Life in America, is entirely different. This last book will be a compilation of the many, sometimes brilliant, ideas about improving American life which already exist and about which I have read in the course of my research. These ideas are here assembled and presented without comment or recommendation. Some of them are already being implemented or tested either in parts of this country or elsewhere. However, due usually to a lethal combination of under-funding and under-reporting, they are not well-known and have not yet been widely considered.

These books address serious subjects, but they do so with a degree of humor and levity. They do not hesitate to draw upon the balloon-boy, Lady Gaga, Red Bull absurdities which have become a party of American life over the last decades.

But the place to begin is to see America, as it is today. That is the purpose of the two volumes of The Relevance  of Reason. Volume 1, which was released in July, 2013, addresses business and politics. Volume 2, which was released just last month, addresses society and culture. Copies may be obtained at or through your local bookstore or from,, and other Internet sites. 

The Fact of The Day

The Condition, Perception and Popularity of Americans.

As reported by The Economist, 35% of Americans believe that “America’s best days are behind it.” Based upon a serious ranking of the best opportunities for “a healthy, safe and prosperous life” and incorporating eleven significant indicators, The Economist Intelligence Unit made the following findings about the “best place to be born.

Ranking    Country               Score         Ranking   Country          Score

1.                  Switzerland       8.22          20.               Israel             7.23

2.                  Australia           8.12           21.                Italy               7.21

3.                  Norway             8.09           23.               Chile              7.10

4.                  Sweden             8.02           25.               Japan            7.08

5.                  Denmark          8.01           26.                France           7.04

9.                  Canada            7.81             27.               Grt. Britain   7.01

12.                 Ireland            7.74            37.                Brazil             6.52

16.                 Germany        7.38            49.                China             5.99

16.                 United States 7.38            66.               India               5.67

The Economist, May 12-18, 2012, p. 40; Kekic,L. “The Lottery of Life,” The Economist: The World in 2013, p. 91.

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