Announcement – Returning to My Law Practice

By September 13th, 2021


Returning to My Law Practice

 Dear Friends,

 For the last several years, I have focused upon writing. I have published six books in nine years, and I was honored to receive some national book awards for my The Relevance of Reason and Dead Serious and Lighthearted series. My last book, The Writings of a Lifetime, was a much more personal collection of writings. In addition, I have written more than 135 blog articles and a variety of other materials.

But now, it is time to return to my law practice. I want to do this.

Reasons. My energy and enthusiasm levels are high. My tolerance for editors (you know, even the well-meaning ones) is a little waning, and my son has another year in high school and then four years in college. Thus, for these reasons, it is time for me to get back to the practice of law.

Re-Activation of California Law License. I am re-activating my California law license[1] and will be again joining both the California Business Law and Real Estate Law Sections. As I did for several decades, I will work closely with clients and other consultants and law and accounting firms throughout California. I expect to travel often, as needed and as you direct, to Southern California (Orange County, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara) and the Bay Area.

Scope of Legal Practice. My legal practice will encompass most aspects of business and real estate law including, the following:

Business Law (Planning, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Employment-Related Matters (including NDAs, Confidentiality, Employment, and Severance Agreements), and Corporate-Related Matters (including Formations, Dissolutions, Dispositions, and, in certain circumstances, Dispute Resolution and Litigation Supervision);

Contract Law (All types and forms excepting intellectual property and international agreements); and

Real Estate Law (Acquisitions, Dispositions, Development, and Commercial Leasing).

Business and Personal  Planning, Asset Management, and Disposition Planning. Over the last several years, I also have received a number of inquiries about general business planning, personal asset management and disposition planning, and even book publishing and distribution. Thus, the scope of my practice will include these matters, but in most instances these matters will be handled only on a business consultancy, rather than a legal representation, basis.

Legal Matters Updates. I do not expect to draft regular Client Newsletters as I did before, but I will from time to time prepare and circulate legal updates relating to significant judicial decisions, legislative enactments, and administrative rulings.

Will Use Old Billing Rates. In most instances, I will only be working with pre-existing clients, good friends, and client referrals. Therefore, I have decided not to increase my old billing rates. Instead, I normally will maintain the same special, lower billing rates that I established nearly six years ago now.

If you have any questions, please just give me a call (805-450-2602) or email (

I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to working with you. And I will try to be at your service.

My best regards,  Mack W. Borgen


[1]  At this time, I do not expect to re-activate my Montana law license.

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