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Don McLean’s “American Pie” and Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” – America’s Best Song Lyrics – Part 8

Posted by Mack W. Borgen April 30th, 2019

Blog No 98  May 1, 2019  The Best Song Lyrics of Modern America– Part 8 – The Poetry of Modern America – By Mack W. Borgen Author, National Award-Winning Dead Serious and Lighthearted – The Memorable Words of Modern America – Volume I (1957-1976), Volume II (1977-1993), and Volume III (1994-2015) (Published 2018-2019); The Relevance of Reason – The Hard […]

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Enjoy – The Best Song Lyrics of Modern America

Posted by Mack W. Borgen October 9th, 2018

 Blog No 83  October 9, 2018  “I Read the News Today. Oh, boy”  Song Lyrics – The Poetry of Modern America Introduction and Background Song lyrics are the real poetry of Modern America. The lyrics of our favorite songs roll around in our heads for decades. Almost unconsciously, every day we honor the words of […]