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By January 24th, 2022

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January 25, 2022

By Mack W. Borgen

Author, The Writings of a Lifetime (2021); Dead Serious and Lighthearted – The Memorable Words of Modern America (Three Volumes) (2018-2019); and The Relevance of Reason – The Hard Facts and Real Data about the State of Current America (2 Volumes) (2013). As Advertised in The New York Review of Books and Recipient of Eight National Book Awards

For All of Us

… Embarking on a Major New Project …

Personal Introduction

Many years ago, I headed east to go to law school. I was young. My life was simple. Everything I owned fit into my 1968 Karmann Ghia. I had one suitcase, a box of papers, and a couple of jackets for the Boston winters.

But things change. Over the years our families grow and our lives become, well, more complicated. We gather both assets and liabilities. We order multiple types of insurance and place our money in a wide array of investments. Tax and estate planning become more critical and articulating our gift and personal bequest desires becomes more important. None of this is bad, but it demands our attention.

Possibly worse of all, we all like to think that we are organized; that we have thought of everything; that everything is “in order.” But too often this is not the case — and there is no one to really help us. Our estate planning and tax attorneys don’t do it. Our doctors don’t do it. It is not the type of thing you bother your friends with — they have their own organizing to do. This is up to each of us.


I am a business and real estate attorney, but in the last year I have been retained in multiple instances to assist persons and families in assuring (a) that their personal and business data are assembled; and (b) that their bequest desires are carefully memorialized. In some cases, I have been retained to coordinate with and oversee their estate and tax planning attorneys.

In trying to assist my clients, I was astounded by the absence of good organizing books. Many organizations had their little AARP-type to-do checklists. But such “checklist” books are not nearly enough. Also, organizing documents and the assemblage of details are far beyond the focus of estate planning and tax attorneys. That is just not what they do. I found a few “planner books” out there, but — without exception — they are dangerously inadequate for the level of detail we need. All of these planner books had conspicuous (and dangerous) omissions that could lead to lost assets, to a failure to minimize one’s estate liabilities, and – without exception — to a long road of cumbersome, paperwork nightmares for your spouse, brother or sister, or other representative.

If you are 50 years of age, and unless you are incarcerated, homeless, or entering your 7th marriage (in which case, I can’t help you, Sundance), you need to prepare a White Binder book. Also, we are all getting older, guys. That’s o.k. We’ve earned every year. But it is time for all of us to do our once-and-for-all organizing.  Let’s do our proverbial “loved ones” a favor. It is not that hard, and it is that important. Place all of your illness, disability, asset, liability, and passing information into one well-organized book. Memorialize your information and your desires. Updates will be required, but once the basic book is done — the updates will be easy.

For all of these reasons, I have written a comprehensive personal data assemblage and organization book for use by my clients. It is entitled The White Binder. It is detailed — about 125-150 pages to be filled in. It is in an 8 1/2 X 11 binder format so that additional pages can be inserted. Each of our completion times will vary, but normally it will take from about 6-20 hours to complete depending on the complexity of your estate and your current level of organization.

It is being offered to you now. While, the step-by-step instructions are very clear, completion and document questions will arise. Thus, for the next 6-8 months (in addition to my regular law/business consulting practice), I humbly offer my services to you in confidentially assisting you in the completion of your White Binder. For this project, I will be offering a 35% discount off my normal hourly rate (i.e. $345.00 per hour rather than my normal $545.00 per hour). While I strongly recommend you and your spouse (and adult grown kids too) each get a copy of this book, that and my involvement is entirely up to you.

When you have completed your White Binder, EVERYTHING WILL BE DONE. Semi-annual updates are recommended, but other than that — everything will (finally) be in one place — – names, residences, family structure, godparents, and closest living friends; primary third-party contacts; religious affiliations and military; assets (personal, real, and intellectual property), commercial and business investments; necessary post-disability/death terminations, cancellations, and closures; email, social media, and password matters; quick reference cash flow schedule; insurance; liabilities and litigation; taxes, tax returns, and filings; desired special bequests (e.g. letters, artwork, jewelry, collections); pets; burial and cremation instructions … and on and on  — Everything will be organized, presented, and done.

Privacy and Confidentiality 

In many cases, my clients are also my close friends. Thus, I wish to maintain a considerable level of your confidentiality. I do NOT need or want to know what you have, what you owe, or to whom you want to deliver X, Y or Z. But assisting you in organizing these matters is another thing. That we can do. Together.

Tax and Estate Planning Matters – My Coordination with Greg Tolleson of Bryars, Tolleson, Spires and Whitton

If tax planning matters arise, I would work with your tax advisor or, if you have none, with Mr. Greg Tolleson of Bryars, Tolleson, Spires and Whitton LP of Mission Viejo, CA. I have worked with Mr. Tolleson for more than four decades. He is one of the best, most thoughtful, and most creative tax planning accountants I have ever worked with. With respect to estate planning matters (will, trusts, etc), I would work with your counsel. If you do not yet have one, I would assist you in locating such counsel and thereafter would coordinate and supervise their work.


Order Your Copy (or Copies) of The White Binder

Just $49.95 per copy

I recommend separate WHITE BINDERS for you and your spouse/significant other etc., but that is up to you. Tax, shipping and handling – $6.95. Free shipping with 3 or more copies. No payment necessary until after the book(s) have been shipped.


Just call or text me at 805-450-2602 or email me at

(Number of copies plus your shipping address) 


Please call me at 805-450-2602




Call or text 805-450-2602 or email at

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