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By March 8th, 2021

March 8, 2021

Mack W. Borgen’s New Book The Writings of a Lifetime 

Written over the course of a lifetime, this collection of stories, essays, articles, and even poems are offered to lift our spirits, to make us laugh, and to help ease the tensions within our society.

Some of the articles are autobiographical. Some are lighthearted. Some are serious.

Most – just like life – lie in between.

The Writings of a Lifetime 

 1st Three Reviews

“Part memoir, part diary, past reminiscence, and part reflection about the things that make life a joy  —  family, friends, community.

… Possibly the author’s best work to date

Robert Badal, Santa Barbara, California

“Touching, engaging, sensitive … at times, brilliant.”

Michael Levin, New York Times Bestselling Author, Boston, Massachusetts

“As insightful as historian Jon Meacham… providing both perspective and hope.”

Larry Malcolmson, Tucson, Arizona


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Author’s Note RE Jeff Bezos and Amazon: The book, of course, will soon be available on Amazon etc. However, as much as we all love Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Team, they take nearly 60% of the sales prices “off the top.” So please consider ordering directly from my publishing company, Brody & Schmitt Publishing, an Imprint of Summerland Publishing – Click Book Ordering. Fast, safe, and efficient.


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