The Meaning of the “Relevance” of Reason; Energy Usage in U.S. — By Source of Energy

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THE RELEVANCE OF REASON  – The Hard Facts and Real Data About the State of Current America

– Business and Politics –

(Brody and Schmitt Publishers, an Imprint of Summerland Publishing)(2013)

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                                                       THE MEANING OF THE “RELEVANCE” OF REASON

In the assemblage and use of facts, reason must come to prevail over sheer hope and blind optimism. Reason must come to prevail over both greed and raw self-interest and over ideology and the many variant forms of supposed purism. While honest disagreements will continue, reason must remain relevant. Reason must be one of the themes by which we chart our course. … one of the tools by which we identify our shortcomings and assess our progress. And in turn, that reason must be built upon a bedrock of shared facts as to the accurate reality of American life and the realistic capacities of our society. However, And of late, reason has been too often lost in the fury and fire of our American conversation.”

Excerpt from Borgen, M., The Relevance of Reason  – Business and Politics, p. 4. All rights reserved.



Energy Usage in the United States — By Source of Energy (Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal, Etc.)

The top seven sources of energy consumption, as a percentage of total U.S. energy consumption, are as follows:

Ranking            Type                    Percentage                  Ranking            Type                        Percentage

1.                  Petroleum                        23%                                       5.                 Renewable                           9%

2.                  Natural Gas                     22%                                      6.                 Nuclear                                 8%

3.                  Coal                                   21%                                      7.                 Other                                     7%

4.                 Crude Oil                          11%

Borgen, M., The Relevance of Reason – Business and Politics, (2013), p. 202, citing The Week, November 30, 2012.  All rights reserved.


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