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Press Release and Blog No. 82
October 2, 2018
(Prepared by Schmitt & Brody Publishers, Santa Barbara, California)

Newly Released Book Reviews of Mack W. Borgen’s

Dead Serious and Lighthearted

– The Memorable Words of Modern America –

 Volume I (1957-1976) (508 pp)(Released March 27, 2018); Volume II (1977-1993) (400 pp) (Released August 13, 2018) and Volume III (1994-2015) (624 pp) (To Be Released January 7, 2019).  

FOUR GREAT REVIEWS – The powerful and deservedly influential Kirkus Reviews, Clarion Reviews, US Review of Books, and Reader’s Favorite. 

KIRKUS REVIEWS. Since its founding in 1893 in New York City, Kirkus Reviews has remained possibly the most prestigious (albeit tough) and one of the most respected book review magazines in the United States.

KIRKUS’ TERRIFIC REVIEW OF BORGEN’S VOLUME I (Years 1957-1976) was also selected for inclusion in the September 15, 2018 issue Kirkus Reviews Magazine— an honor reserved for less than 10% of Kirkus’ reviewed books.

Excerpts of those reviews (and links to the full reviews) and copies of other testimonial and reader reviews are set forth below.

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Book Reviews of Dead Serious and Lighthearted

Kirkus Reviews 

(Featured in September 15, 2018 Issue of Kirkus Reviews Magazine)

 A “herculean task”

“Crucially, the author follows each of these entries with a concise explanation of “context, meaning, and impact.” Likewise, he includes information about seminal books that appeared within the same year, at times producing delightful juxtapositions like these three titles from 1957: Atlas Shrugged, On the Road, and The Cat in the Hat.”

“The volume retains a depth that goes far beyond simple nostalgia. The work’s approach to … history may inspire the search for commonalities without erasing differences.”

“…Packed with cultural highlights and pivotal moments from a wide array of sources.”

Review Citation:

 US Review of Books

 “Opening this book feels like unlocking a time capsule.”

“To those who lived through the 60s and 70s, these glimpses are magnetic, attracting memories from our distant past. For Generation X and Millenniums, this may be your first time hearing this information.”

“Whether readers prefer cultural theory and arguments or simply reliving memorable words of our collective lifetime, the book does not disappoint.”

“It is a reference for researchers and librarians, but sure to be beloved by boomers.”

Review Citation:

 Clarion Reviews

“Ambitious in scope and dutifully researched .…”

“This expansive book carefully presents the … words that define America’s identity.”

“Neither dry nor loaded down with jargon….”

 “Efficiently organized and effective….”

 “…(P)ivotal information for liberals, conservatives, and centrists alike.”

 “An inspiring introduction to a university-level history course.”

 “An eye-opening collection/”

 Review Citation:

 Reader’s Favorite

“….(T)he first in a series that present, without bias, the words that portrayed the feeling

of the American people at a specific point in time….”

“….(T)eaches the history of modern America … in a captivating way.”

“(A) keenly selected and presented collection of various spoken or written words.”

“A unique and fun way of learning America’s history.”

“Another great aspect of Dead Serious and Lighthearted is that (it) includes … history from diverse fields and events such as social movements, literature, politics or entertainment.” 

Review Citation:


About Dead Serious and Lighthearted – – The Memorable Words of Modern America

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Michael Levin, New York Times Bestselling Author, Boston, Massachusetts: “A … ‘must read.’ The brilliance of Borgen’s book lies in its breadth, his clever and painstaking assemblage of our country’s Memorable Words and from his powerful, page-by-page commentaries .…”

Wayne S. Bell, Former California Real Estate Commissioner, Sacramento, California: “…A creative, new, and smart look at American history … extremely wide-ranging – starting in 1957 and progressing year by year – about where we – as Americans – were, where we are now, and where we might be heading. “

Dulaney O’Roark, U.S. General (Ret), Lexington, Kentucky: “Borgen brings a keen intellect and delightful sense of humor to his trilogy The Memorable Words of Modern America. He offers a unique approach to understanding history in a way that we can see both the forest and the trees. Using an extraordinary collection of sources representing the zeitgeist of the times, Borgen infuses our history with vitality rare in any history writing.”

Scott King, Medford, Oregon: “A meticulous book … entertaining, informative, and some needed perspective to all generations … Can we all put down our smartphones and please read this book? “

Paul D. Hermann, Harvard Law School, Attorney, Atlanta, Georgia: “Words … from all walks of American life—Yogi Berra to JFK, Ralph Nader to the Supremes, and the Supreme Court …. Entertaining and fascinating …Finally, a history devoid of personal, political, cultural bias. … with words that will trigger good and fun memories.”

Tim Bremner, Senior Officer, Wealth Management, Newport Beach, California: “Borgen’s unique ability to be relevant and to capture the mood and temperament of our nation is always earnest and poignant. “

Reid A. Olson, Education and Business Consultant, Chicago, Illinois: “Simply stated, this book deserves a place in our higher education curriculum. This book belongs in the hands and minds of those individuals seeking a quality education both baccalaureate and beyond. Mack W. Borgen has shaped his life with the knowledge of history and is leading by example with his masterful work. Researched, frank and humorous, Borgen’s determination to delineate historical facts brings his audience to laughter and tears. Weaving his way through our nation’s cities and towns over time, he has reintroduced the readers to the men, women and events of Modern America. “

Dr. Roger J. Acheatel, Cardiologist and Attorney, La Jolla, California:  “…(A) compendium of modern Americana. “

Patricia Gordon, Patricia – Educator (Ret), Atlanta, Georgia: “Methodically researched to highlight meaningful quotes and historically significant anecdotes, Borgen’s book is a fascinating read …. This book demonstrates the importance of knowing one’s history. They will bring back memories for those who experienced those changes first-hand, and impart valuable knowledge and insight of our country’s recent history to those who came later. “

 Martha Lange – Business Owner, Santa Barbara, California: “Borgen lays out the mosaic of memorable words and phrases that have defined our history in the past 50 years in a way that helps us see the richness and variability of our shared American experience. In an era when American discord is at its highest, Borgen reminds us that there are certain words and phrases that bind us together across both geography and generations. “

Amazon Reader (2018) – Book Rating – 5 Stars: Once again, Mack Borgen has delivered an eloquent, exhaustive and enlightening view of the words that framed this period of our collective lives. Much like his previous books, Relevance of Reason books 12 and 2, Borgen impresses me with the breadth of research and the unparalleled manner in which he is able to deliver wildly diverse viewpoint into one cohesive, seminal work. I highly recommend this book to anyone in need of lifted spirits and powerful reminders just how diverse (and amazing) are the people that have shaped our country!”

 Amazon Reader (2018) – Book Rating – 5 Stars: “A Tour de Force. Mack Borgen’s first installment in a 3-part series is a remarkable achievement and a seminal accomplishment. In reviewing the significant cultural, political, social and artistic events of the period from the post-War ‘50s to the mid-1970’s (Volume I), Borgen highlights and contextualizes the things that have influenced who and what we are today. The author’s selection of significant events and achievements is itself remarkable as it deftly captures a sense of what the ‘50’s, ‘60’s, and ‘70’s were about and provides a sense of the history of the times. The book is both history and cultural roadmap. A delightful read. “

 Amazon Reader (2018)  Book Rating – 5 Stars: “Borgen has taken the complex and politically sensitive history of our modern time and put it down in a style that is easy to read and understand. …with quotes and illuminations that took place and shaped our country. (He) even brings the well known to light in a manner that makes it come to life alive again….This is more than a book to read and put back on the shelf.”

 Amazon Reader (2018) – Book Rating – 5 Stars: Mack Borgen has a brilliant way of the cleverness of his writing mixed with humor and historical facts that take you down memory lane. His commentaries are insightful and make you think, laugh, and remember. A must read for any and all that are interested and care about the national dialogue that is so needed in this country right now. Highly recommended. While perhaps not written as a book that is intended for schools, it would be so valuable to students and teachers. It is well researched, presented in a reader friendly manner and speaks to those from all walks of life who care about the national discourse currently going on in our country, yet written in a way that engages the reader while making you look so fondly and humorously at times past and how they intertwine with the present. I highly recommended read for those who want to take a new and innovative look at US history.”

 Amazon Reader (2018) – Book Rating – 5 Stars: “Amazing read you don’t want to miss….Mack Borgen’s thoughtful, humorous, and provocative writing makes his series of books a delight to read ….”

 Amazon Reader (2018) – Book Rating – 5 Stars: ” “Engrossing” book in that it “identifies and invokes memorable words to cast insightful looks at the social moods and swings of modern America.”

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