The Relevance of Reason – Vol I
Business and Politics

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The Relevance of Reason – The Hard Facts and Real Data About the State of Current America – Volume I – Business and Politics

by Mack W. Borgen, (June 2013)
Schmitt & Brody Publishers, Santa Barbara, CA

Our country remains a remarkable, unparalleled and bountiful nation, but there are too many Americans who have become grumpy and entitled; mistrusting and cynical; exhausted and withdrawn. And America has changed; some think not for the better. There are many reasons for this, one being that we are an incredibly diverse nation with widely varying perspective. Worse yet, we have not had access to the facts. We have tons of information, about everything from the political situation, our economy, social issues, our culture — pretty much every area of modern life. But the information is often presented with spin, bias and agenda or perceived through filters based on our age, gender, and experience. When it comes to seeking solutions, it is time for us to once again embrace our sense of perspective, our spirit, our confidence, and above all, our sense of humor.

Standing on a solid foundation of education and experience, author Mack W. Borgen removes the tint from our lenses by presenting unvarnished data. He does not try to persuade or push a position. Rather, he simply brings facts to the fore and lets us determine what they mean. He suggests that by having access to objective reality makes it possible for us to regain our sense of community and our commonality. Best of all, we can — working together — make a significant difference.

For those who love facts, care about the truth, and understand the power and the relevance of reason, this book delivers unyielding encouragement and the raw materials for creating a better future for us all. This book has a passion for setting the record straight. His book is a treasure trove of solid, fun, and at times even fascinating information we, as a people, can put to good use.

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