Second Round of Charitable Contributions

By August 11th, 2016

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August 11, 2016

Second Round of Charitable Contributions

from the Proceeds of My First Two Books

I am pleased to announce that I have today made my second round of annual charitable contributions to the four charities described below. These contributions are from the continued sales of my first two books – The Relevance of Reason – The Hard Facts and Real Data About the State of Current America (Volume 1 – Business and Politics and Volume II – Society and Culture).  I thank all of you who have purchased copies of my books or are thinking of doing so, and I am honored that sales of these books continue and that they received four national book awards including the Best Business Book of the Year (Volume 1 – Second Place) at the Los Angeles Book Festival.

Special 2-Volume Books Sale – Personal Note

Especially in this year of political angst and heated discourse, may I offer to you copies of my signed books. I tried hard to write them with a touch of humor and without bias or agenda. They may be enjoyable — even useful — for yourself or as a unique gift for your friends, family, or even business associates. A Second Edition is scheduled for completion next Summer, but sets of the first two volumes are now available with the following 30% discount:

Hardback – Two-Volume Set of Books – Retail Price: $49.00 – Sale Price – Only $34.00 for 2-volume set

Paperback – Two-Volume Set of Books – Retail Price: $29.95 – Sale Price: Only $19.95 for 2-volume set.

Plus $3.50 total shipping and handling.  Just email me directly at Payment can be made by check or Paypal. Please allow about 7-10 business days for delivery. While supplies last.

Recipient Charities

With respect to the charitable contributions — and as will always be the case — I wish that I could have contributed more. Nevertheless, these modest contributions are made in the hope of furthering and encouraging a renewed and more constructive American conversation and in our recognition of those many Americans who are already working selflessly to better our American community. This initial round of charitable contributions was made in August, 2014. The second round was made today.

Brief descriptions of the recipients of these charitable contributions from The Relevance of Reason are as follows:

First Book
Washington, DC 20004

First Book has distributed more than 90 Million books and educational resources to 27,000 schools and educational programs since it was founded in 1992. Access to books, especially among low-income families, remains one of the biggest barriers to tackling illiteracy, and by making new, high-quality books available on an ongoing basis, First Book is transforming the lives of children in need and elevating the quality of education.


The Steppingstone Foundation
Boston, MA 02110

Founded in 1990, The Steppingstone Foundation develops and implements programs which prepare urban schoolchildren for educational opportunities which lead to college. The Steppingstone Academy prepares motivated urban schoolchildren for acceptance and success at top independent and public exam schools in the greater Boston area. After gaining admission to the Academy, scholars participate in a rigorous academic preparation component that spans 14 months. After completing the 140-month component, Steppingstone provides comprehensive support services, including college counseling, through middle school and high school. After graduating form high school, scholars stay connected to Steppingstone through alumni relations.

Shoes That Fit
Claremont, CA 91711

Founded in 1992, the mission of Shoes That Fit is to build self-esteem of children in need by providing them with new shoes for school. Shoes That Fit provides new shoes and/or clothes to children in need so that they can attend school in comfort and with dignity. They do this by matching a sponsoring group  a business, school, church, civic organization or even a group of friends  with schools near them that have children in need. New clothing items that are appropriate for school help these children fit in, slowing them to concentrate on their studies rather than their circumstances.

Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

For over 50 years, the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara has helped local students pay for their higher education  vocational, community college, or four year college or graduate school. The Foundation seeks to inspire, encourage and support Santa Barbara County students in their pursuit of college, graduate, an vocational education through financial aid advising and scholarship. Beginning with nine $100 books awards in 1962, the Foundation has grown so that, for example, in one recent year The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara awarded $7.2 million in student aid and reached 23,470 students, parents, an educators through financial aid and scholarship presentations and financial aid advising sessions at school sites.

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