The First Stubborn Truth About America

By August 23rd, 2013

The Relevance of Reason – Business and Politics –



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Excerpt and Fact of the Day


” … (K)nowing America is hard. The selection, the meaning, and the use of facts have themselves become weaponized art forms. The truth gets buried, and reason slowly becomes either negotiable or irrelevant. However, part of our not knowing our own country is understandable since the first stubborn truth about America is that none of us have seen the same America. None of us have lived the same America.” (The Relevance of Reason – Business and Politics), p. 3.

 Fact of the Day

“Despite the growth of globalization, approximately 86% of all American products are still sold to American buyers.” The Relevance of Reason – Business and Politics, p. 174.


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