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Third Annual Round of Charitable Contributions from Book Sales

Posted by Mack W. Borgen November 7th, 2018

Blog 85 November 8, 2018 Third Round of Charitable Contributions from the Sales of My Books  – First Book – The Steppingstone Foundation – – Shoes That Fit – Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara – I am pleased to announce that I have now made my third round of annual charitable contributions to the four charities described below. These […]

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Charitable Contributions Made from the Proceeds of My First Two Books

Posted by Mack W. Borgen August 8th, 2014

Blog 46 August 8, 2014 Announcement of Making of Initial Charitable Contributions to Four Charities from The Relevance of Reason Book Proceeds I am pleased to announce that for the reasons set forth in my website, I have today made my first round of charitable contributions to the four wonderful charities described below.  As will always be […]

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