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If They’re Good Enough for Our Capitalism, They’re Good Enough for Our Democracy

Posted by Mack W. Borgen July 20th, 2020

Blog No. 119 July 20, 2020  Fixing America – Idea 17  Reading Time: 8 Minutes By Mack W. Borgen, Recipient of Eight National Book Awards. For a “cleaner,” non-email presentation of this and my other blogs, essays, and articles, please go to my website at Introduction  Over the last year, I have presented ideas […]

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Splintering and Audience-Focused Nature of the Modern Media – The Perceived Breadth of Coverage and Ethical Standards of the North American National Media

Posted by Mack W. Borgen September 10th, 2013

Keep The Holidays Simple !!!  ♥  Order Some Copies To Give to Your Friends and Family ♥    The Relevance of Reason – Business and Politics (Shown here with its Companion Volume, The Relevance of Reason – Society and Culture) (Release Date: October 1, 2013) (Brody and Schmitt Publishers, an Imprint of Summerland Publishing)(2013) The Relevance of Reason – Business […]

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