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By January 31st, 2022

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February 1, 2022

By Mack W. Borgen

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The White Binder – My Latest Project …

Your Overwhelming Response … Thank You

Last week, I introduced my latest new project, a personalized organization book entitled The White Binder. This book is to assist you in carefully organizing all of your personal information, identifying your assets and liabilities, and articulating your bequest and asset distribution desires.  

THE RESPONSE WAS PRETTY OVERWHELMING. So, thank you. My first batch of binder/book shipments are going out this week.

Maybe the response was due to the post-Christmas lull of January. Maybe it was because of our newly found sobriety as we enter our third year of this worldwide covid pandemic. Maybe it was because we are no longer young, dumb, and stupid — although I loved those years!. Maybe was because thorough, personal organizing resources are hard to come by. I don’t know.

But whatever the reason, I am glad that my latest project seems to have struck a chord. And if you have not ordered your copy (or copies) yet, please do so today.

The White Binder is detailed. It addresses everything from names, residences, family structure, godparents, closest friends, and primary third-party contacts to religious affiliations and military service; from assets and liabilities and commercial/business investments to necessary terminations, cancellations, and closures … and on and on for 14 Chapters and 100+ pages.

Get your copy now.

For yourself and your loved ones — and as I humorously wrote last week, unless you are incarcerated, homeless, or entering your 7th marriage (in which case, I can’t help you, Sundance) — you need to complete The White Binder book.

I have tried to make the step-by-step instructions in the book very clear. Nevertheless, completion, document, and planning questions will arise. Thus, for the next 6-8 months (in addition to my regular law/business consulting practice), I will be offering my services to confidentially assist you in completing your White Binder. For this project, I will be offering a 35% discount off my normal hourly rate. I strongly recommend you and your spouse (and adult grown kids too?) each get a copy of this book — but my involvement is entirely up to you. No matter what, EVERYTHING we talk about will remain totally confidential.

When you have completed your White Binder, MOST EVERYTHING WILL BE DONE. Semi-annual and event-triggered updates are recommended, but other than that — everything will (finally) be in one place — – names, residences, family structure, godparents, and closest living friends; primary third-party contacts; religious affiliations and military; assets (personal, real, and intellectual property), commercial and business investments; necessary post-disability/death terminations, cancellations, and closures; email, social media, and password matters; quick reference cash flow schedule; insurance; liabilities and litigation; taxes, tax returns, and filings; desired special bequests (e.g. letters, artwork, jewelry, collections); pets; burial and cremation instructions … and on and on.

Tax and Estate Planning Matters – My Coordination with Greg Tolleson of Bryars, Tolleson, Spires and Whitton. If tax planning matters arise, I will work with your tax advisor or, if you have none, with Mr. Greg Tolleson of Bryars, Tolleson, Spires and Whitton LP of Mission Viejo, CA. I have worked with Greg for more than four decades. He is an extremely thoughtful, dedicated, and creative. With respect to estate planning matters (will, trusts, etc), I will work with your counsel. If you do not yet have one, I would assist you in locating such counsel and thereafter would coordinate and supervise their work.


Order Your Copy or Copies of The White Binder

Just $49.95 per copy plus tax, shipping and handling – $6.95. Free shipping with 3 or more copies. No payment necessary until after the book(s) have been shipped.


Call or text me at 805-450-2602 or email me at

(Number of copies plus your shipping address) 




JUST CALL OR TEXT 805-450-2602 or EMAIL ME at

— And for a little lighter reading fun …

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The Writings of a Lifetime


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