Welcome To New “The Chance of a Lifetime …” Books Website

By April 23rd, 2012


Today I have launched my website introducing a series of books collectively entitled The Chance of a Lifetime … This website introduces a series of books on which I have been working for nearly four (4) years and which I expect to complete and have published over the next several years.

The books are written with humor and levity, but they address in an integrated manner various subjects relating to the current condition of American social, political, and economic life. More specifically they are intended to humbly present an accurate and objective description of the American condition, the reasons for which we Americans can and should be optimistic about addressing the numerous challenges which we face as a society, and those ten things which we, not they, need to do in order to change the nature and tone of our American conversation and which may lead to a patient remaking of American life.

Normally, I anticipate that my blog posts will be kept brief and will address only a single subject or topic at a time. I also anticipate closing each of my blogs with a thought which may be worth considering as we consider the current strained, literally difficult, state of the American condition.

Possibly it is appropriate that my first closing thought should be the admonition of, I believe it was, e.e. cumming, who said — “you’ll do crazy things in your life, but do them with enthusiasm.” And so I shall keep writing, humbly, but “with enthusiasm.”






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